Oops Ra, I forgot to add a wrapping paper to the birthday gift that i ordered!
Can you add a wrapping to the birthday gift?
Of course, let’s do that!, Please select
from the options given below:
I like this...
Great choice! We will have this gift wrapped for you.
I hope you will make someone very happy
with the gift!
Have a great day Birgitte.

A New Way of Conversation through ChatBot to Optimize your Customer Support and Sales

Empowerment through Notifications

Hi Birgitte, today is the last day of 20% discount on the items in your cart.
Would you like to purchase your Ray-Ban sunglasses with an additional 10% discount? You can place your order with me.
Wow! Yeah I'd still like to buy them, you can
place the order
Okay great! Which payment method would you prefer?
The transaction was completed successfully. I have placed your order. See your order: IDM20103
Your shades will be delivered to your door within 2 days.

Engage your customers by sending intelligent automated messages based on your own defined rules
and customer's preferences,interests and previous buyer behaviour.

Learn how to convert your abandoned carts

Notifications not only keep your customers up-to-date but can also lead to an increase in sales. In online shopping, on average 68% of carts are abandoned and this provides a huge opportunity to increase sales. Ra will keep your customers engaged by reminding them of items in their carts and potentially converting these into sales.

  • Ongoing sales and discounts
  • Availability of products
  • Order status and feedback requests.
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An Average of

68 percent

of carts are abandoned
according to IBM’s Watson statistics.

Empowerment through customer Query

Provide support to your customers pre-, during- and after-sales.For any query, Ra can be of direct help
by providing information from the web shop's database.

Improve your customer support

If a customer has a question about the return policy prior to purchasing a pair of shoes, Ra will provide the required piece of information from the return policy, and the customer can chose to go on to purchasing the item all in the same chat room.

  • Checking order status
  • Making changes in delivery location
  • Adjust personal and contact information
  • Edit already ordered items
  • Looking into payment details.
Hi Ra!
Good evening Birgitte How may I help you?
Can I return a pair of shoes if they don’t fit?
Do you mean these shoes?
Here is the Return Policy. You can return the shoes within 2 weeks after delivery.
Great, thank you Ra!

Chatbots will become increasingly popular over the next years.In China, Microsoft's Xiaoicechatbot already has over

40 million users

Empowerment through Support

Hi Ra, can you show me what others are saying about Nike Hyperv
Sure Diego!
I’m going trekking next week, so I need a sturdy one.
Here are the top reviews for the fit of Nike Hypervenom soccer shoes:
  First Review: True to the size, I love the fit.
Second Review:The fit is perfect and the shoes are lightweight.
Okay great, could you order these in size 8 for me.
Amazing! Your order has been placed. Order Number: IDM201003. Order will be delivered within 2 days.
So you can already wear them during Sunday’s game and make your first of many goals.;)
Hahahaha, thanks Ra!

Bring comfort to your customers by offering hassle free access to product information.

Enable your customers to make information based decisions

Serve your customers in the most convenient manner by providing them with all the information they need to make the perfect purchase. Ra will reassure your customers by combining, comparing and suggesting products based on user interests and previous behaviour. Let your customers rely on Ra and give them peace of mind.

Furthermore, Ra can provide suggestions, based on the query of the customer.

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