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Your Shopping Assistant.

Well-Trained Chatbot for eCommerce Support

Intelligent chat widget for your webshop & communication channels

As of now, the free version is only available for Magento & PrestaShop

Why do We Call Ra a ‘Well Trained Chatbot’ for eCommerce?

Ra – Chatbot for eCommerce Support has been trained to efficiently handle customer queries with 100+ situations that often arise in eCommerce support. While other Chatbots require training in order to handle such queries, Ra is Ready - to -Serve.

eCommerce platforms require quick and prompt customer support services, and the LIVE Chat Widget doesn’t always meet these needs effectively. Here, Ra - customer service chatbot, is ready to respond anytime, anywhere without you having to undergo the hassles of training.

Ra – Your Personalized Customer Support Manager 24 X 7

Reduce Support Overheads

Reduce Support

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer

Quick & Prompt Response

Respond Quickly &

Improve Marketing using Behavior Analytics

Improve Marketing using
Behavior Analytics

What Makes Ra – The BEST eCommerce Bot?

It Comes with a Back-Up Plan –> Manual Override


Ra has been trained to handle 100+ situations i.e. 70% of your queries in eCommerce

When your customer or visitor asks a complex question that requires human intervention, then Ra – Chatbot for eCommerce will notify your ‘Customer Support Executive’. And the Customer Support Executive can choose to take over from the Chatbot to answer the query.

Backend Features

  • Create Profiles for Back-Up Customer Support Executives
  • Get Notification for Complex & Unanswered Queries
  • Seamlessly Switch to Manual Mode to Answer Instantaneously
Get Manual Override for Handling Unique Set of Queries

Get Unlimited Messaging with RA

Get a customized Chatbot. Enjoy unlimited messaging with Ra – Chatbot Widget

Features for eCommerce Support & Shopping

Track Order

Ra can help your customers to track their orders and provide them the LIVE status. If in case the order has not reached your customer, Ra can smartly handle your customers and assure them of best services.

Change Address

If your customers wish to change the delivery address or add a new address to their profile, they can ask Ra to do it directly from the Live Chat Widget on the website or from your online marketing channels like Skype, Facebook or Slack. RaCom offers Artificial Intelligence-based LiveChat Software.

Get Order Invoice

Too many requests by customers for a purchase invoice? Let Ra come to the rescue. Your customers can ask Ra to get the purchase invoice without any hassle. Ra, customer service Chatbot, can support you in generating invoices and avails with the options to download.

Request to Contact

If your customers wish to talk to the Customer Support Executive, they can ask Ra to 'Contact' them on their specified number. Ra will then notify your Executive about the same. Get your customer support bot now and enhance customer experience.

Manage Complaints & Queries

If your customers don’t like the product or have some issues, they can ask Ra to register a complaint or report an issue about the product or the services. Improve your eCommerce support with Chatbot for better customer service.

View Categories

Ra is your customer’s personal assistant, to help customers find exactly what they need right from the chat window. See product categories and browse products faster. Intelligent chat widget, built by Chatbot development company - Marici.

Discover Products

Your customers can ask Ra to show the products in a certain category. Ra will bring the best of the products in no time. Ra just makes the shopping experience better for your customers. Customize chatbot for more features in shopping.

View Wishlist Items

If your customers want to see items of their Wishlist, Ra can help them to see whenever. All they have to do is ask Ra to show the Wishlist items, and they can easily scan through the items of the Wishlist while in a chat with Ra.

View Cart Items

If your customers wish to see the Shopping Cart Items? Ra can show them the items in the shopping cart while in the chat. Ra makes it convenient, with the process of checking out directly from the chat window instead of going to the site. Conversational commerce enabled by RaCom.


Highly Scalable & Adaptive Chatbot

Can Work with Multiple eCommerce Frameworks

  • Magento
  • DemandWare
  • PrestaShop
  • OsCommerce

Customize Chatbot Widget for Multiple Communication Platforms

RaCom offers an AI based Chatbot - Ra that offers Click-Button and Typing mechanism in chat communciation, taking conversational commerce to next level. It is compatible with most of the communication channels and can fluently converse in multiple languages.

Respond to your customers immediately while offering them personalized shopping experiences with AI bot for eCommerce. Be it Facebook Messenger, Skype or any other communication platform, RaCom can bring value to your eCommerce business with a Trained Chatbot - Ra

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As of now, the free version is only available for Magento & PrestaShop

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